About us

Incorporated as a non-profit society in 1984, PREP serves the Powell River community as an "umbrella" organization.

PREP's history and mandate include creating, developing, and ensuring the delivery of community-based social service and health programs that meet local needs. PREP has sponsored and administered a range of initiatives, encompassing both short-and-long-term programs and projects.

PREP's experience includes working with a variety of community organizations, 3 levels of government and a range of ministries, as well as business and labour sectors. Participation of stakeholders is welcome and encouraged through community steering and advisory committees.

PREP is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of volunteers who represent a cross-section of the community such as health, education, social services, legal sectors, and the business community. The broad representation enables the Board to examine issues from different perspectives and make decisions that are based on the collective knowledge, expertise, and experience that individual board members bring to the organization.

Our Board of Directors

Marlane Christensen, President

Marlane Christensen has over 15 years of experience in community and Aboriginal engagement covering natural resources, infrastructure, and transportation projects. Ms. Christensen is a founding member and past President of the Industry Council for Aboriginal Business (ICAB), a non-profit bridging the gap in relationship building and economic development between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal businesses and communities.

David Parkinson, Secretary

David Parkinson has lived in Powell River since late 2006 and has contributed his time and energy to a number of projects and community groups, mostly in the areas of food security, regional resilience, and civic education.

Sarah Salome, Treasurer

Sarah Salome relocated to Powell River with her husband in 2012 to open their first restaurant, Costa del Sol. Since then, she has opened another restaurant and has grown their family by two. Sarah brings 15+ years of business management experience and enjoys the opportunity to make an impact within the community at a not for profit level.

Laura Cocksedge

Laura Cocksedge works as a Key Worker in the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Complex Developmental Behavioural Conditions program. Having worked in the Air Traffic Control industry for over ten years she finds community work a welcome change. Community engagement and building relationships is a valuable part of volunteering for the PREP board.

Maureen Mason

Maureen Mason’s professional life extends from the classroom to the boardroom as a teacher, project coordinator, faculty associate, mediator and facilitator in both the public and private sector. She works extensively with models of inclusion and deep democracy and believes that to manage the complexities of contemporary life we must first learn how to gather the best of our collective thinking.

Ben Sills

Ben Sills is a retired insurance broker and businessman. He was in the first graduating class upon the occasion of the University of Victoria becoming a degree-granting university, earning his BA there. He is an active fundraiser for community projects such as the CAT Scan and Salvation Army bus.

Ronnie Uhlmann

Having established and worked for the Attorney General Victim Support Services, Ronnie Uhlmann went on to a career as a mental health clinician.

Our Executive Director

Stuart Clark

Stuart Clark

Stuart Clark is the Executive Director of PREP Society and the Powell River Diversity Initiative (PRDI) Society. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from the University of British Columbia and an MBA in Executive Management with a Specialization in Leadership from Royal Roads University. Stuart has a passion for helping people, groups and organizations reach their highest potential and make a positive difference in their communities.